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Explosive and Drugs Detector

Explosive and Drugs Detector Explosive and Drugs Detector Advance Security System Explosive and Drugs Detector Explosive and Drugs Detector Advance Security System Explosive and Drugs Detector Explosive and Drugs Detector Advance Security System

Handheld Drug or Explosive detector

I: Brief Introduction

 A portable trace detector using the pseudo-random-sequence ion gate technology and Hadamard Transfer. These new methods are first applied to IMS detector both at home and abroad, which improve signal-to-noise and anti-interference ability dramatically, and reduces the false alarm rate. The detector has a user friendly interface and color display. It provides a sampling wand eliminating the test paper pollution from the operator. Besides, it is equipped with network port and USB port for sample data input and network connection, and able to store 2000 log records. The detector can be used in airports, harbors, stations, border checkpoints and other important locations.

II: Specifications

Technology: IMS and pseudo-random-sequence ion gate technology
Detection Capability: Black Powder, Ammonium Nitrate, TNT, RDX, PETN, NG, Tetryl, HMX, C4 etc. and additional sample can easily be programmed into AY05-02 by the user
Sensitivity: 10-10 gram
Sample collection: Vapor and Trace Particle
Power input: AC 220V, or lithium battery
Battery: 16.8V/13Ah, using at least 3 hours
Adapter: 220V input, online and offline chargeable
Analysis Time: 4-10 seconds
Warm Up Time: Less than 15 minutes
Alarm type: Audio/visual
Calibration: Manual
Dimensions: 435×133×210(mm)
Weight: 4.6 Kg£šincluding battery 1.4Kg£©
Condition: -20¡æ to 40¡æ, < 99% relative humidity

III: Attention

1. Detector should turn on and be working for at least 4 hours before the first time use, or after more than one week closure.
2. Before first used, remember to test the blank paper to ensure it is clean.
3. Contact the test region of the test paper with hand is forbidden; otherwise the substance in hand will infect the result.
4. After working about one week, user should check the molecular sieve.
5. At the absent of test paper, user is allowed to use the simple A4 paper to replace. But the blank test is obligato.

IV: Application

Airport, customs, ports, subway, railway stations, courts, exhibition hall, stadium, etc.

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